About RED

To inspire large audiences of African youth to think,
act and grow – in verifiable, trackable ways.

Where the media is our passion, our goal really lies in a different place.

The media is for us the most important tool for our actual mission: which is social engineering. Building a world we want to see, one community at a time.
Business is our platform, inspiration is our message, media is our tool, culture is our engine, inspiration is our message, Africa is our target. All of this is founded on a simple, but 10-year-strong premise: there is no force in the universe more powerful than an inspired, empowered human being.
Generations of inspired, empowered young Africans can take action to solve problems, demand better government, improve their lives, and link arms with others to truly transform their societies through enterprise and citizenship.
So now, we are clear, definite, bold about our mission: to inspire Africa’s youth, at scale.
To inspire large audiences of Africa’s youth to think, to act, to grow – in verifiable, track-able ways. With the unrivalled experience and insight, unmatchable track record and endless networks we have built – boots on the ground – across the 36 states of Nigeria, and 26 countries in Africa, no one knows Nigerian and Africa’s youth as well as we do – across trend-lines in music, movies, development, television, schools, fashion, technology, politics and lifestyle, Online and offline.