Adenike Oyetunde, Ayokunle Odekunle, Joachim MacEbong, Tope Atiba and more lead conversations in the YNaija Situation room

#YNaijaSitRoom15 roundtable 4

YNaija, the online newspaper for young Nigerians presented it’s Situation room special in the 2014/15 elections this time focused on the gubernatorial elections held April 11, 2015 across the country.
Hosted by Nigeria Info OAP, Chidi Okereke, Isabella Akinseye and Adedayo Ademuwagun this edition saw a lot of twist and turns as the analysts brought on their A-Game on Nigeria’s most contested elections ever.

“It’s a watershed moment in the development of democracy and democratic ideals in the country and YNaija can’t help but lead the conversation, especially as it concerns young people,” said Isi Esene, Editor,

“We set out to bring in fresh, vibrant, young minds to give a new perspective to election analysis in the country and that was exactly what we achieved,” he added.

Broadcast live on readers also connected with the YNaija liveblog to get up-to-date information from the elections concurrently.

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#YNaijaSitRoom15 roundtable


#YNaijaSitRoom15 roundtable 2

#YNaijaSitRoom15 roundtable 5

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