#BBNaija supervising producer,Uche Ikejimba-Halloway shares devastating experience with multiple miscarriages on #WithChude

On this deeply emotional episode of #WithChude, supervising producer of popular reality TV show #BBNaija, Uche Ikejimba-Halloway, revealed exclusively to host Chude Jideonwo her heart-wrenching experience with multiple miscarriages, and the death of her son.

Uche’s dream of becoming a mother had been frustrated several times. The final straw, she discloses, was when her son, born prematurely at 28 weeks, developed trouble breathing and passed away.

“The nurse comes to call me saying ‘there’s something happening, your child can’t breathe properly,’” she shared.

“My husband goes in there and realizes that my child is having problems breathing, then the next thing they’re trying to resuscitate him – then boom! He’s dead”.

During this difficult time, Uche recalls that in her search for a support group consisting of Nigerian women who had shared a similar experience, she couldn’t find any story that made her feel like she wasn’t alone. This, she says, prompted her to want to tell her story.

Recounting this horrific experience, Uche tells Chude about how she wrestled with her faith and begged for a response from God. She took to listening to faith-building messages to help her on her journey to healing and give her the strength and the courage to see that light exists not just at the end of the tunnel but even along the journey.

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