“Destructions are predictable and we need to prepare for them” || Pastor Sam Adeyemi on the final episode of the Future of Faith with Chude Jideonwo

After a 21-day run, the Instagram Live-based show hosted by Chude Jideonwo ended on Monday with the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center and Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Sam Adeyemi as the season’s final guest.

“I would say the most predictable thing about life is change or destruction. When this started, I was trying to find answers. And while going through the scriptures, I realized that from the day Jesus left, the end-time already began. I remind people of faith that they cannot have more faith than Jesus and so situations like this are inevitable. Destructions are predictable and we need to prepare,” said Pastor Adeyemi in response to a question about the lessons he has learnt from COVID-19.

Answering the question about whether he is still a clergyman, considering his expertise in business and strategy, he explained that, “We are designed to evolve. There was a time when I noticed that many people had stagnated. People who do not reinvent themselves. I would say for me, that I’ve been going through a season of reinvention. I am just running ahead so I can still make sense to people.”

“[At the time] I prayed and the Holy Spirit told me to focus on the church. [And now] I feel it is time to go gain some professional expertise before going back to it.”

He also discussed some of his non-religious work through Success Power International, a 25 year old platform that continues to help people maximize their potential and achieve success through teachings that are broadcast via telecast, radio, seminars, audio, video materials, and books.

The Future of Faith  featured faith leaders across religions and denominations. It was hosted exclusively on Chude Jideonwo’s Instagram handle @Chudeity from Mondays to Fridays at 6pm and will be premiering on TV soon.

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