Do You Know What The Streets Are Saying?

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Successful brands have woven their storytelling into cultural fabric by aligning their branding strategies with prevailing cultural ideology. When brands identify their specific target audience, they can effectively leverage culture intelligence to solve more than just current issues. By understanding culture and associating with it, a company can develop a powerful brand image. Whilst there are tools to make sense of data, culture intelligence – specifically, Culture Intelligence from RED, looks at what affects culture and drives decisions. We employ these observations in helping brands and organisations manage a complex market. We also keep track of the intangible cultural influences and unforgettable moments that influence consumers’ lives, attitudes, and decisions. 

 Built with two distinct functions, ‘The MasterList’ and ‘What The Streets Are Saying’, Culture Intelligence from RED provides granular details that brand managers and analysts need to make informed decisions by understanding their interests and decisions. Insights from the tool provide leaders and brand managers in public and private sectors with a broad foundation for creativity, evaluation, and designing strategies that fully incorporate the ever-changing nature of customer behaviour and patterns. 

 There are over 20,000 data points covering People, Places and Platforms, including daily intelligence updates focused on how these data points can help clients make excellent decisions on planning, budgeting, and campaign activations. Through the Resonance Test process, data is further verified by a selected panel of subject experts providing observations and analysis based on experience, trends, and privileged knowledge. As a result, it differs by industry. 

 Together, these tools help direct inputs, recognise challenges, and identify growth opportunities by aggregating customer views, behaviours, desires, intentions, and emotions, as well as consumer decisions. Our intelligence capacity is enhanced by the best experts – culture insiders, all key thinkers and doers who contribute their thoughts, analysis, and forecasts on the most important cultural moments and issues. 

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