Elvina Ibru opens up about traumatic rape experience, her weight loss motivation, and living life on #WithChude

On this week’s episode of #WithChude, Nollywood actress, Elvina Ibru talked about her traumatic rape experience, weight loss journey, and how her determination to live and enjoy life has helped to overcome.

Recounting her 2004 rape experience, Elvina told Chude that due to distance and the nature of her job she did not get to spend time with her then boyfriend. When the chance finally came to spend the night at his house, they were attacked by armed robbers and she was raped.

The trauma accompanying sexual violence notwithstanding, Elvina noted that she rejected shame and silence specifically because she believes talking about it will inspire action from state actors.

“I have never been ashamed to say I was raped,” she said. “If you’ve been raped it’s not your fault and you should never be ashamed to talk about it. Because the more you talk about it, the more the law is going to take note of it.”

Speaking about her weight loss journey, Elvina admitted that while she feels so much better now, her weight loss was never about what society has to say about overweight people.

“[For me] weight loss is for health, I am much healthier than I used to be,” she said. “Watch your weight because of health and not because people will think that you won’t be fine because you’re big.”
Another great motivation to her for losing weight, she revealed, was a burning desire to be there for her son, to be able to keep up with his youthful zest.

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