Our Founding Partner, Adebola Williams speaks at Jubliee Christian Centre

Adebola williams - Experience Jubliee

Our Founding Partner, Adebola Williams was a speaker at the Entrepreneurial teaching series hosted by Jubliee Christian Centre, a parish of The Redeemed Christian church of God on Sunday October 18, 2015.

He spoke on the topic  “Catching the Future”, discussing what it takes to be an entrepreneur;

1) To catch the future you need vision: In business, vision is  the capacity to envisage future market trends and plan accordingly. @redmediaafrica we envisaged the millenials ten years ago and started catering for them. We envisaged the youth bulge and engaged them. Which is why today any company that desires to reach the largest number of youth at any time in Africa comes to us.

2) A man without a vision is a man without a future.

3) Foresight. Insight and oversight are key perspectives in sharpening a vision.
4) The most potent way to connect to the future is by solving problems. Creating platforms and solutions to problems in your society and making a business out of it. There’s so much dirt in lagos, the Saturday environmental culture seems dead. Why is no one making a business of this???
5) The Internet is flat and presents a perfect opportunity for enterprise. @uber @houzz @officiallindaikeji @instagram Omoalata.com and many others have shown the power to make wealth from the Internet.
6) Who is an entrepreneur? A person who despite limited resources pursues an opportunity . Someone who creates something out of nothing. That spirit is what you need to bring vision into life.

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