PayWithCapture offers zero service charge on DStv, Swift, others with discounts On airtime

PayWithCapture Zero Charges
Nigeria’s leading innovative payment solution, PayWithCapture, has announced a series of ground breaking features with a recent update.

The new software update offers PayWithCapture users zero service charge on their DStv subscription payment and Internet recharge on Swift Networks and Smile Communications platforms.

‎In addition to making transactions at zero service charge, consumers can also register on PayWithCapture using the Bank Verification Number (BVN). ‎The innovative payment platform also offers consumers 5% discount on all airtime recharge once they use their loyalty point.

“In developing a payment and lifestyle solution, our focus isn’t just to make merchants available to consumers but also to make it convenient for consumers to patronize these merchants hence the zero service charge,” said Olugbenga Agboola, Head Digital Factory & Innovation, Access Bank PLC. “In addition to these exciting new features, we are developing better tools to make consumers financial transactions as effortless as possible using PayWithCapture,”‎ he concluded.

To pay your bills at zero service charge while enjoying discount on airtime recharge, download PayWithCapture here

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