TV Host Biodun Laaro, Co-Founder Farm Crowdy, and other brilliant creatives revisit 2020 on the closing edition of The Hustle #WithChude Special

One of Nigeria’s most talked-about shows of 2020, #WithChude, closes the year with a big send-off featuring a special end of year edition of The Hustle – a TV special event that brings together young people from across industries to have the conversations that truly matter.

Hosted by TV Host Biodun Laaro, the special episode features Public Health professional Adeyinka Shittu (Yinka Seth), Tech YouTuber Eric Okafor, co-founder of FarmCrowdy, Temitope Omotolani, Tech YouTuber, Tobi Ayeni (Miss Techy), and TV Host and Media
Entrepreneur, Hero Daniels. The power bunch revisited some of the major occurrences in the year 2020 to come to peace with and exhale the strain that the year put everyone under.

Speaking about the turmoil that the pandemic brought and the accompanying changes necessitated by it, Yinka Seth lamented how work from home eroded the work-life balance that in-office work allowed. “[Work from home] is horrible. Things that could have been email announcements are now all of a sudden zoom meeting. And [during lockdown] your boss could give you a task at 6 pm because ‘what are you doing? It is
not like you are going anywhere anyway.'”

2020 took all of us on a rollercoaster ride, from the first few weeks of dread that we could contract the novel coronavirus, to a period of lockdown that saw us sealed away for weeks on end. During the lockdown, many people faced all the things they had been able to shy away from confronting, in many instances this was the partner they swore to be with till death do them part.

Temitope Omotolani, the co-founder of FarmCrowdy, says this was a moment of truth we should not let pass by without learning from.

“The lockdown brought about a lot of clarity. [we learnt that] you have to be clear who you want to spend the rest of your life with,” she said, “I know some marriages had it really bad during the lockdown, [because] you’re stuck with your partner for God knows how many months. Some people are not used to staying with their partner for one month, because they’re so busy working and travelling, then all of a sudden you’re stuck [alone] together. [It is important] to do your checklist on who you want to spend your life with.”

From the pandemic, the lockdown, the protests to the Lekki tollgate massacre, everything about the year is revisited with the gift of hindsight by this dynamic bunch to help them and the viewers let out a big exhale as the new year arrives.

#WithChude is a special series of targeted multimedia conversations and investigations focused on narratives that enable and strengthen the mind, heart, and spirit. New episodes of #WithChude show every Saturday at 9 pm on TVC Entertainment, with reruns every Sunday on Wazobia TV at 5 pm, Wednesday at 8.30 pm on PopCentral station, and every Thursday on EbonyLife TV at 7:30 pm.

An extended play podcast is up on Spotify, iTunes, among other podcast platforms every Wednesday at 10:00 am. Everyone can join the conversations.

Watch a snippet of the interview here.

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