‘We are serious about being people-first’ || RED | For Africa announces company-wide shutdown to support work life integration

To support the mental and emotional health of its team across the continent, and cushion the likely effects of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, RED | For Africa announced a company-wide shutdown to take effect today, 21 May, 2020.

One of the first companies in West Africa to fully adopt a work-from-home policy before the government-mandated lock-down in March, RED | For Africa has over the years embraced remote work culture, granting team members weekly work-from-home days, periodic work-from-home weeks, and more in its bid to build the continent’s most progressive workforce.

“People are our most valuable resource in RED, therefore we put our team members at the centre of everything we do,” said Adebola Williams, CEO of RED | For Africa.  “Considering the ease with which work can spill into personal time, and how a constant presence in one space can considerably deplete creativity, the management thought it necessary to completely shut-down work and allow team members to recharge and come back fired up and ready to better serve our clients.”

“Amongst other things, we’ve opened a food bank for team members who require support in these times, and created ‘The Huddle’, a weekly mental and emotional release and engagement channel for the team as we navigate the pandemic. This is the new normal and we are more than ready to adapt and make the most of it.”

With unlimited leave days, diversity in leadership, and extended paternity and maternity leaves, RED | For Africa has always led the vanguard in creating the workplace of the future

RED | For Africa is a content, consulting, and data company that deploys cultural intelligence to help companies, governments, investors, and change-makers solve problems, shape narratives, and build movements.

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