Working remotely has enabled us to have full-time team members across 4 different continents – Adebola Williams, CEO RED | for Africa

Adebola Williams, CEO of RED | for Africa, recently shared perspective on the positive impact of adopting a full work-from-home policy following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic necessitated a radical transformation in work practices and patterns across the world,” said Mr. Williams. “And because RED had been practicing a flexible work culture long before now, we transitioned very easily. As of now, we have full-time team members across at least 4 different continents of the world working remotely,”

“Apart from the fact that the structure supports our goal of building an empowered, innovative and diverse workforce, our work-from-home policy has also enabled us to tap into the future of work, empowering team members to achieve their professional goals while making flexible and wholesome personal life choices for themselves.”

With unlimited annual leave days, diversity in leadership, and extended paternity and maternity leaves, RED | for Africa is leading the vanguard in creating the workplace of the future.
RED | for Africa is a content, consulting, and data company that deploys cultural intelligence to help companies, governments, investors, and change-makers solve problems, shape narratives, and build movements.

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