“You can be your own Babalawo” – Image Consultant Ifeoma Williams tells #WithChude

On this week’s episode of #WithChude, leading image consultant and winner of Miss Lux, Ifeoma Williams, opens up to host and founder of Joy Inc., Chude Jideonwo, about her remarkable journey from fear to fearlessness that has since defined the trajectory for her many wins in life.

Speaking on how she became a person that exudes and personifies joy, Ifeoma Williams shared her incredible story of how she harnessed the power of the universe by feeding her body, mind and soul with positivity.

“Many people are of the notion that Babalawo’s are bad and evil, but I think they have better understood the powers they have and how to use them. The universe is open to you to grab and use your powers as well. You can be your own Babalawo,” she said.

When you are able to itemise and recall the things to be grateful for, then there is no room to worry about the things you don’t have. With the Life Savers routine, I feed my body, mind and soul every morning for an hour and a half and speak words of affirmation to myself for another thirty minutes by commanding my day. Doing this, helps me take control of my entire being, giving me the strength and will to go through the day. Sometimes, I go outside just before dawn to see that flipping moment before night (our darkest moment) and the morning.”

The image consultant also opened up to Chude on how she found prose useful as it shapes the way she looks at the world, her philosophies in handling relationships with others as well as shutting out the noise to find peace.

I read powerful quotes and literature pieces. My favourite is the Desiderata, which I read every day. With lines like ‘Go placidly amidst the noise and confusion, and be aware of how much peace there can be in silence,” it is hard not to be inspired for the day. My favourite line from that is, “listen to everyone for even the dumb and ignorant have their stories.” Knowing this as a person will put you on track and make you realise there will always be bigger and better than you and that is fine,” she concluded.

With a dislike for negativity, Ifeoma Williams continues to inspire others to embrace positivity, live above hate and focus on their individual journey to physical, mental and spiritual growth, by making the best use of the universe.

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