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Effective communication should be the goal of every brand. When a brand is able to manage and disseminate its information to the public efficiently, it has a better chance of building positive public perception. Public relations goes a long way in building goodwill and awareness between a company and its target audience.

The importance of public relations to the success of a brand cannot be overemphasized, which is why companies engage exceptional public relations companies like RED to handle their public image. RED is a world-class public relations company that leverages digital and traditional media to connect with Africa’s teeming youth population. The company prides itself on its outstanding track record of using culture insights to tell real stories. Our 15-years experience honed through powerful proprietary tools such as The Future Awards Africa, REDx, The Future Enterprise Support Scheme and Y! Africa makes us masters in connecting brands to target audiences.

With expertise in media representation, crisis management, content development, social media management and stakeholder relations, the company combines these to help build trustworthy and reliable brand images.

Known For its outstanding professionalism and experience, this leading company has elevated several companies across Africa. They have developed PainPoint matrix, a unique proprietary tool, to focus on the two major questions that really matter – The biggest present and probable future problems the brand is encountering in relation to its customers or target audience; and the biggest growth opportunity the business has in relation to its present and future customers or audience.

These questions are answered to build a strategy and execution framework that helps bring brands to life.

The company is built with a team of professionals who use their expertise in content, communication, development & CSR, intelligence, digital, governance and human capital divisions to acquire, delight, retain and grow customers for brand development. The creative use of the media and culture by RED has helped it take pride of place as the best and reliable public relations company for every African brand.

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