23rd August 2021

COO, RED| For Africa, Bukonla Adebakin on Gender Inclusion: We must push for balance for a better future for women

As a leader in the Nigerian non-profit space, I have had the rare experience of sitting in a banquet hall in Aso Rock at the request […]
19th August 2021

Do You Know What The Streets Are Saying?

Successful brands have woven their storytelling into cultural fabric by aligning their branding strategies with prevailing cultural ideology. When brands identify their specific target audience, they […]
2nd July 2021

3 Benefits of Engaging a Media company In Nigeria As A Business Development Strategy

3 Benefits of Engaging a Media company In Nigeria As A Business Development Strategy The media is undeniably a powerful tool for business development. As a […]
10th June 2021

Gen Z’s Make Up the Latest Wave of Young Professionals Entering the Workforce

The post-millennial generation are already dominating the workforce and outnumbering their millennial predecessors. They bring characteristics and expectations you may not anticipate in the office but […]
19th May 2021

How Does Business Development Play Across Other Departments in an Organization?

  On RED Counsel, @mide_olushola breaks down the concept of business development and how it applies to other departments in an organization. #REDForAfrica #WeWereMadeToDoBigThings #ComeCorrect
13th May 2021

Winning elections in Nigeria: A case study

Winning elections in Nigeria is an art as much as it is a game. What differentiates a successful candidate from an unsuccessful one are the people […]
28th April 2021

What Is a Trend and How Best Can You Apply Trends in Creating Content for Brand Marketing?

  On RED Counsel, @shekinahog helps us understand how to become trend leaders by understanding the power of trends. #REDForAfrica #WeWereMadeToDoBigThings #ComeCorrect
27th April 2021

Top advertising firms in Nigeria: Types and Functions

Advertisement is a focal point of every organization. In Nigeria, businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies engage top advertising firms to ideate, produce, and manage […]
23rd April 2021

5 things PR consulting firms will do for your brand.

PR involves everything that has to do with the company or brand’s public image. Choosing the right team or individual that will represent your brand is […]
20th April 2021

Media Buying Company in Nigeria: The What and How of effective Advertisement

Reaching huge and targeted audiences through the publication, programming and placements of your brand’s deliverables that matter most to your customers are the primary goals of […]
14th April 2021

How to Become an Authority in The Field of Policy and Governance

  Lead @statecraftinc, @shonalere talks on how to become an authority in the field of policy and governance. #REDForAfrica #REDCounsel #WeWereMadeToDoBigThings #ComeCorrect
25th February 2021

Three things to expect from a Consulting Company in Nigeria

There are several reasons why companies would want to hire the services of a consulting company in Nigeria. Whether it is the organisation’s need for unbiased […]
18th April 2020

The RED Report for March 2020

2nd February 2020

These are the 15 trends you should watch out for across Sub-Saharan Africa this year

by Isime Esene and Edwin Okolo The business of prediction is tricky, even often foolish. But the business of paying close attention to reality – what […]
14th October 2019

We intend to be Africa’s gateway to engage the youth – RED CEO, Adebola Williams

Adebola Williams, the Group CEO of RED, has emphasized the company’s vision to galvanise Africans in taking action, explaining that its major goal is to be […]
14th October 2019

RED | For Africa CEO, Adebola Williams joins Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Rania Al Mashat; BUA CEO, Kabir Samad; ORASCOM CEO, Naguib Sawaris, others on African Leadership Panel in Nice

Adebola Williams, CEO of RED | For Africa recently joined Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Rania Al Mashat; BUA CEO, Kabir Samad; ORASCOM CEO, Naguib Sawaris among […]
19th September 2019

Analysing Tech Marketing: Hashtags, Influencers and Trending Topics, The Trifecta of Marketing Tech to a Digital Generation

Social media currently drives today’s sustainable businesses. For increased awareness and consumer engagement, brands globally are leveraging on likes, conversations, follows, retweets and other markers of […]
19th August 2019

Chude Jideonwo Enthralls Audience at Lagos PR Clinic.

The Lagos PR CLINIC August 2019 edition held on August 1ST 2019 at Elomaz Hotel, Ikeja, where Chude Jideonwo, Co-founder of RED shared some of his […]
29th October 2018

Adebola Williams, co-founder of RED was guest speaker at the Nigerian Education Innovation Summit

  Below are the takeaways from his speech… Approach to education in Nigeria needs to change entirely Whilst nations like France are increasing education budget to […]
9th April 2018

Let’s make human capital development the cornerstone of our national growth|| Adebola Williams speaks at BudgIT- organised forum

Let’s make human capital development the cornerstone of our national growth. A presentation by RED Co- Founder, Adebola Williams at BudgIT- organised forum. DOWNLOAD  
21st February 2018

Chude Jideonwo: When your society tries to break you

When your society tries to break you. A discussion by Chude Jideonwo, RED Co-Founder and Joy Inc. Founder. Listen here
30th January 2018

Chude Jideonwo: Are men more confident than women?

Are men more confident than women? A discussion by Chude Jideonwo, RED Co-Founder on Your View. Watch below:  
29th November 2017

Don’t take being American for granted

Don’t take being American for granted A Radio Interview by Chude Jideonwo, RED co-founder. DOWNLOAD
20th November 2017

It’s not Enough to Tell Stories| Media, youth and the potential for accelerated change in Africa, and across the world

It’s not enough to tell stories | Media, youth and the potential for accelerated change in Africa, and across the world A presentation by Chude Jideonwo, RED co-founder. DOWNLOAD
14th November 2017

Interrogating Faith: Why does the Influence of Religion Endure?

Interrogating Faith: Why does the influence or religion endure? A presentation by World Fellows, Chude Jideonwo & Abdul Rahman-Malik at Yale University Greenberg World Fellows 2017 […]
14th November 2017

The best moments from Adebola Williams’ powerful speech at Obama summit 2017

Co-founder of RED, Adebola Williams, was a keynote speaker at the recently-concluded Obama Foundation Summit held in Chicago, USA, and he got a standing ovation from […]
30th October 2017

CHUDE JIDEONWO: How to be angry